The Way of St. Agnes | A Photo Journal

by Maria Grizzetti

‘A new kind of martyrdom! Not yet of fit age for punishment but already ripe for victory, difficult to contend with but easy to be crowned, she filled the office of teaching valour while having the disadvantage of youth. She would not as a bride so hasten to the couch, as being a virgin she joyfully went to the place of punishment with hurrying step, her head not adorned with plaited hair, but with Christ. All wept, she alone was without a tear. All wondered that she was so readily prodigal of her life, which she had not yet enjoyed, and now gave up as though she had gone through it. Every one was astounded that there was now one to bear witness to the Godhead, who as yet could not, because of her age, dispose of herself. And she brought it to pass that she should be believed concerning God, whose evidence concerning man would not be accepted. For that which is beyond nature is from the Author of nature.’

-St. Ambrose of Milan, On Virginity


In honor of the Feast of  St. Agnes, Virgin and Martyr, a selection of photographs of the shrines that house her relics in Rome.

Sant’Agnese in Agone on Piazza Navona

Basilica di Sant’Agnese Fuori Le Mura


DSC_0682 DSC_1554

Piazza Navona , Roma |  Sant' Agnese in Agone